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A complete at-home kit for men and women. Clinically proven to reverse the balding process. Can be used pre and post hair transplant. Ideal for both transplant and non-transplant patients!


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Step One-Anchoring Solution

The Anchoring Solution allows for easy removal of the layer of dead cells (Stratum Corneum) as well as other accumulated pollutants which block skin pores (such as build up residue from cosmetics). The formula also enables the scalp skin to grow thicker through accelerated skin cell regeneration.

Step Two-Anchoring Serum
Improved scalp skin condition and enhanced blood flow boosts the formulated effects of this innovative Anchoring Serum.

The active ingredients (both plant extracts and peptides) reverse hair loss, stop miniaturization of hair follicles, improve hair anchoring and trigger extensive renewed growth of strong, healthy hair. This process begins at the very first treatment and peaks at completion of the 60 days treatment circle.

Step Three-Enhancing Circulation
Use of the unique LED Vibrating Derma Roller enhances circulation. The improved circulation guarantees maximal abortion of the Hair Medica system’s powerfully effective active ingredients into skin and hair follicles.


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